Musée du Parfum

I have always been a big fan of perfume, but I really never thought about how complicated and long it is to do a single bottle of it.

I got a glimpse on it when I watched the movie “The perfume” but as most of the film is fiction, I always wondered what was true or not.

If you like perfume, and do not know what to do in Paris, then, you should go to this free visit… yes it is for free! and the French tour guide was Mexican!

So, the visit starts with a small group, they give you a little flyer that you will eventually use during the tour (Smelling activity at the end). They have visits every 20 minutes, in French or English and it lasts around 30 minutes.

The visit is in the perfumery museum “Fragonard”. It was founded in 1926 and they produce perfume, eau de toilette and scented products.

Old perfume production was mainly started in Mesopotamia, India, Cyprus and Islamic culture. And the knowledge of perfumery came to Europe in the 14th Century, due to the Arabic influences. The production of perfume started mainly in Grasse, the capital of the perfume in the South of France. Grasse has a perfect weather for the maintenance and production of the main flowers and herbs used for the production of French perfume.

Because of lack of clean water, the royalty used to take showers twice a year, covering the smell with perfume, meaning that this liquid was a privilege that not everybody had access.

England followed the tradition during the reign of Queen Elizabeth  and Russia in the 20th Century.

During the tour, we were able to see the magnificent bottles used before till the bottles used now. Fragonard uses a metal bottle because it conserves the perfume better, protecting it from the sun, humidity and prolonging its life till 8 years.

If you are wondering what is the difference between the types of perfume, here it is:

Perfume (most expensive) : contains 20 to 30 percent of oil concentration

Eau de parfum: 15 to 20 percent

Eau de toilette: 5 to 15 percent

Eau de cologne: 2 to 4 percent

Eau fraiche: 1 to 3 percent.

The highest concentration of oil (normally the Eau fraiche is mixed with water and alcohol and the perfume is the purest one, meaning least diluted), lasts up to 8 hours, and the Eau fraiche less than 2 hours.

If you want to create your own perfume, you can do it! There is a workshop (Atelier Apprenti Parfumeur) where you can do your own perfume, during 1h30 minutes, with the help or a professional. At the end, you will have such a stylish, unique and personalized perfume with a diploma signed by the Parfumeur. It costs 95 euros and it happens every Saturday.

You can reserve here:

Address: 3-5 square Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris

Tél. +33 1 40 06 10 09


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