I always thought that quality beauty products were all about high prices and luxury brands; I was wrong.

I changed my mind since I started to have some advices from international friends and by discovering local brands. I wasn’t neither an Eco-friendly shopper. This mindset has been initiated with my husband since he was responsible for the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which means he’s all about recycling, respect for the environment and so on.

While walking in Le Marais with my friend (as always) I discovered my new favorite organic skin product brand. At the beginning, I was attracted by the minimalist and Scandinavian vibe from the shop. Once there, we were approached by Anne Sophie, who kindly explained us all the steps of the rituals and all about the brand.

I started to explain her my type of skin and according to that, she was able to present me the most appropriate product for my skin.

They focus mainly in 3 steps for the face, and 1 for the body:

1st step: (au lever du jour ) Morning cream.

2nd step: (entre chien et loup) makeup remover to be used before sleeping.

3rd step: (à la belle étoile) oil to be used after having cleaned the skin and before sleeping.

4th step: (à corps perdu) After shower body milk or oil.

The best part of these products, is that once you finish the product, you can re- use the bottle by taking it back to the shop or sending it by postal. They clean it and pour back the product.

All the ingredients are 100 organic, meaning no artificial color, smell or chemicals.

I tried the face oil last night, and I can tell I woke up with smoother and hydrated skin.

So, if you want to be eco-frienly and have flawless skin, do not hesitate to go there.

Best part of it? I only paid 15,50 Euros for the 15CL Muscat rose oil.

Address: 39 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

+33 1 70 23 75 35



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